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Regenerative Landscaping

We are proud to introduce Regenerative Landscaping, which goes beyond sustainability and actually improves the environment, especially by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. One of the most promising strategies to fight climate change is to put carbon (in the form of organic matter) back into the soil.


The top 3 feet of soil contains more carbon than the atmosphere, plants, trees, and animals combined -- and it can hold much more.  

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Tens of billions of tons of soil carbon has been lost to the atmosphere where it has become a major cause of climate change. By focusing on the interaction of plants and soil biology, we can build organic matter and help soil regenerate.


Increasing organic matter by 1% in the top 12 inches of soil, in a normal-sized back yard,

can remove 1 ton or more of CO2 from the atmosphere!


What makes a landscape Regenerative?


We use key design strategies plus old and new soil-building techniques to take your yard to the next level.  

Gaia’s Regenerative Landscapes include these components:

  • Dense, diverse planting

  • Maximum planting space

  • A soil improvement plan

  • Soil-friendly maintenance


A Regenerative Landscape is not necessarily very different from a conventional landscape. But by focusing on plants and soil improvement, a landscape can go beyond “low-impact” or “sustainable”. 

We also follow the guidelines established by our partner organization,

the Willamette Valley Regenerative Landscaping Coalition.     

A Regenerative Landscape:

  • Is beautiful

  • Builds and improves soil

  • Can be very low maintenance

  • Can provide pollinator and wildlife habitat

  • Can help with water issues such as erosion and drainage

  • Is more resilient in severe weather

  • Can be less costly to install

  • Helps regulate local climate (urban cooling)

  • Helps improve air quality

  • Truly makes a difference!


We offer consulting, design, and installation of Regenerative Landscapes 

Contact us for more information: 541-754-1439 or


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