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Soil Improvement Plan

Help your soil

make a difference!


Soil regeneration can happen quickly. A vibrant soil biology is the key to build and store organic matter, as well as to grow healthy resilient plants. Healthier plants photosynthesize more efficiently, which helps the plants feed soil life, which then creates healthier soil, which make the plants even healthier, and so on.


The most important way to improve soil is to plant it densely with different species of plants. Living roots of diverse species of plants are the main key to soil biology. Without living plants, everything we do to improve the soil will not last. But there are many tools we can use to improve soil biology more quickly.


To create a Soil Improvement Plan we work with you to choose the tools that work best for your landscape and your budget. These tools include:


  • Soil Testing (Mineral and/or Biological)

  • Mineral balancing

  • Biological inoculation

  • Biostimulants

  • Compost

  • Biochar

  • Foliar nutrition

  • Successional planting

We would like to work with you on a focused strategy to help your soil make a difference.  

Contact us for more information at 541-754-1439 or

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