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Maximum Planting Space

Use plants to remove carbon

from the atmosphere!


One of the main goals of a Regenerative Landscape is to build soil in a way that helps keep CO2 out of the atmosphere. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on photosynthesis. When plants breathe in CO2, they start the process of creating organic matter.  


There’s a simple way to look at this: more photosynthesis means more carbon is pulled out of the atmosphere, which means more organic matter is created, resulting in healthier soil. To achieve this, a Regenerative Landscape should devote as much space as possible to plants. 


In landscaping this becomes a design question. How do you want to use your landscape? We understand that it is important to be able to use your yard for recreation, relaxation, entertaining, and so forth. A creative design can balance ecological benefits with practical, useful spaces that you can use for enjoying your outdoor space with your family or guests.


We would love to design and install a Regenerative Landscape for you! We can also consult with you to help you maximize the potential of your landscape.


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