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Mission Statement

At Gaia Landscapes, we are passionate in our effort to build and maintain beautiful and functional landscapes. We are committed to completing each project with the expertise and skill that our customers expect and the artistry that makes our effort so rewarding.

We design, sculpt and animate the environment with an artist's eye, a naturalist's wit and a craftsman's hand. With each project we endeavor to discover how that effort can most genuinely be expressed through the elements of nature and still reflect the unique

attributes of person, place, and planet. We attempt to persuade the spirit with each

landscape and secretly celebrate the rhythm and relevance made tangible through


DSC_4849_IJFR (2).jpg

Licensed & Bonded - LCB# 6898

  33735 SE Peoria Road

 Corvallis, OR 97333 


Romancing the Landscape since 1995

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