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Why Choose Gaia?

What makes Gaia Landscapes, Inc. irrigation systems so special?

  • We use schedule 40 PVC on all main lines and laterals.

  • Our valve boxes use unionized manifolds - thus making it very easy in the future to replace individual valves when needed by simply un-threading the unions and threading new valves in place. 

  • We pay particular attention to the math and measurements of our sprinkler layouts to avoid dry spots and wet spots. What matters is that water falls at exactly the same rate across the whole area. When an irrigation zone includes shade areas and sun areas, adjustments are made in the nozzle choice and zone distribution to accommodate those micro-climate differences.

  • We use the nozzles and sprinkler types that provide the most even precipitation rate available on the market. This provides even watering and prevents puddles and dry spots.

  • We use pressure compensating drip emitters pinned to the plant root zone, which means that the plants at the beginning of the line receive the same amount of water as the plants at the end of the line regardless of slope or friction loss. We always choose the drip emitter size based on the individual water needs of each plant. This allows us to plant drought tolerant plants next to water loving plants while giving each plant the water that it needs.

  • In all of our repairs and installations we use the highest quality products available. Quality means durability, even precipitation rate, and reliable, long lasting service.

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